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Space Coatings

Thin-Film Deposition Consultants
  • Since 2003 Ion Beam Optics Inc. has provided leading edge consulting services for many advanced thin-film coating projects
  • In 1973 Michael Fulton (President) started working at Optical Coating Laboratory Inc. (OCLI—now JDS Uniphase)
  • During Michael’s 15 years at OCLI, he was the first in the world to put the end-Hall broad beam ion source (Kaufman) into production
  • Ion beam processing is a particular specialty, concentrating on Ion-Assisted-Deposition (IAD) and Filtered Cathodic Arc (FCA) technology
  • Optical Filter Design: IBO provides advance design support for complex and demanding projects (we never design coatings without a clear pathway to manufacturing)
  • Advanced Process Development: IBO works with producers of thin-film coatings to develop sophisticated technical solutions to challenging deposition process requirements
  • Deposition Equipment Design: IBO contributes to the design of deposition equipment to provide the customer with process manufacturability
  • Process Control: IBO and Associates have years of experience in advanced process monitoring technology and Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Broad Range of Experience: IBO and Associates have worked on projects ranging form advanced space optics to large volume commercial programs; temperature sensitive substrates; wavelength range from the UV to the far IR

Sustainable Energy Project

  • Michael Fulton has been working on space power applications from the beginning of his career at OCLI
  • IBO has committed its expertise and experience to bring advance solar power technology from space into the terrestrial environment

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